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Precinct Committee Officer (R) Job Description

The Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) establishes a direct link
between the political party and the voters in a local precinct.

Election to the office is by county election ballot during the even year
primary. Registered voters file their declaration of candidacy with the
county auditor, during the normal candidate-filing week, to be a
Republican PCO to represent their precinct. There is no filling fee or
PDC reporting required of PCO candidates. If only one person runs
for a given precinct Republican position, that person is automatically
elected and does not even appear on the ballot. When two or more
run for a given precinct Republican PCO position, they appear on the
Primary ballot and whoever gets the most votes is elected. An elected
PCO then, starting on December 1 of the year elected, serves for two
years or for as long as they remain eligible. In case of vacancies, the
Jefferson County Republican Central Committee (JCRCC) can
appoint a registered voter in a precinct to fill a vacancy in that
precinct. RCW 29A covers the Washington State statuary
requirements for this process.

Republican PCOs are automatically a member of the JCRCC. As a
member of this organization, they define and manage all JCRCC
operations. This includes voting on officers, policies, plans and
activities. They are also expected to actively participate in committees
as well as in executing plans and conducting activities.

Other responsibilities of the position include facilitating voter
registration and absentee ballot access; leading get out the vote
outreach efforts; distributing campaign and party literature; promoting
the party; and addressing voter concerns.

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