Simple Message to Jefferson County

It's OK to support the President

Our Progressive neighbors can't let go of the failed slogans and rhetoric from the losing Clinton-Kaine campaign.  We keep hearing them breathlessly calling Trump by their progressive swear words.  By default they continue to paint  us as deplorable.   
A prominent local Democrat says that she is appalled that I won't join her and chant the leftest mantra that Trump and his supporters are racist.  My answer to her and to all of them is, please don't stop insulting the American voters.  Democrats  are busy driving a wedge through the middle of their traditional base,  I sure don't want to discourage them. 
The Democrat strategy is to divide us into our respective tribes and to pit one group against the other.  The Trump plan is to make the entire country great again.  He wants to bring us together, and that drives the Left insane. 

Steve Crosby 

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