We've had a booth at the Quilcene Fair for years.  Something was different this year - excitement.    Let's face it, a lot of people in our county are not usually into party politics,  we expect polite indifference at fairs and events.   This year Trump has energized the public.  People wanted to visit our booth and talk about our party and candidates.  We distribute flyers and yard sign,  we even ran out of Trump signs.

Shown in top photo  is Marty McClendon,  candidate for the crucial Lt Governor position.  Marty is working the crowd and shaking hands on both side of the street.   Behind him is the energetic Danille Turissini and her campaign team.   Just ahead of Team Turissini is Jane Schwencke waving a Trump sign in one hand and McLaughlin sign in the other.  

Gene Farr starring as Uncle Sam riding the convertible with Lynn Hise.  Taking up the rear is Brody Turner with his three wheeler towing he biggest Trump sign any one has ever seen.  

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